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Distributor of sales for Graphic and Food Machineries including its auxiliary devices such as paper flat bed cutter, paper cutting machines, die-cutting & creasing, paper folding machines, wire sewing machines etc.
Printer Genggam untuk mencetak di permukaan plastik, baja, kertas, pipa, foil, batu, dan lain lainnya.
This machine has been designed specially to print on corrugated material with wide printing area, also it is capable to print with some colors.
This machine is designed for hard distortion printing stock purpose, the print coverage is very wide it can be used for screen printing of many plain objects.
Digital Flatbed Cutting Machine that cut following desired patterns and images.
This machine will help you pack the paper straws, of course it will save a lot of your time and it can also print the motifs on the paper straws cover.
Paper making machine made from environmentally friendly straws with the ability to make a minimum diameter of straw 5 mm.
A precise paper cutting machine for the initial manufacture of environmentally friendly paper straws.
Plastic Lid Forming Machine that uses the standard "GMP" in the medical industry and "QS" in the food industry.
Automatic machine that produce food packaging such as hamburger boxes, square boxes, other boxes that made of cardboard and corrugated paper.
Paper Cup Machine fully automatic, equipped with top class technology.
Paper Lunch Box Machine that is equipped with advanced technologies.
This device is a paper-surface UV glazing device suitable for various types of paper(80-600g/m²).
Foil Stamping & Die Cutting Machine with high speed that is able to deliver top notch quality.
Champion Folder Gluers are high quality and economical machines designed for folding and gluing of all types cartons.
Machine is controlled by human-computer interface, connected with remote controller, ensures easy adjustment and operation.
Operator friendly and job flexibility due to the semi automatic operation.
Semi-automatic gluing machines with a variety of reliable paper stocks with much flexibility for various paper bag applications.
High speed equipment developed on the base of CAFB-400B Automatic Paper Food Bag Making Machine through our diligence.
SXB460 Semi-Auto Book Sewing Machine is one kind of book binding machines
NSW-P-48 Auto Calendering Machine with Jumbo Roller Steam Heating and Automatic Temperature Control System.
Automatic Spot UV/Water-Based Coating Machine with Anilox Roller system.
FM-1050E fully Automatic High Speed Vertical High-precision and multi-duty laminator as a professional equipment used for plastic film laminating.
FM-1050B Fully Automatic Vertical High-precision and multi-duty laminator is a newly developed product geared to the market demand.
FM-1050 Vertical High-precision and multi-duty laminator is a newly developed product which is specially designed for water-based and dry laminating glue
It is a paper surface varnishing (UV) and polishing machine which is suitable for the varnishing and polishing process of various paper (80-600g/m²
Automatic forming machine with sophisticated technology.
It adopts micro-computer control interface, servo positioning ,alternating current frequency converter, automatic counting , etc
It is a paper surface varnishing (UV) and polishing machine which is suitable for the varnishing and polishing process of various paper (250-600g/m²).
Our single-turnplate high speed paper cup making machine can finish paper cup forming with only one turnplate.
Designed for the market requirement, It has integrated the pneumatic and the mechanic technologies, which makes it has the functions of faster working speed.
The best Paper Cup making machine. Equipped with highly precision parts and devices.
The paper box made by this machine can be used in packing of KFC & McDonald’s or other foods.
Sebagai pabrik pembuat khusus mesin lipat kertas terbaik, SHOEI selalu melakukan pengembangan untuk dapat memenuhi kebutuhan pelanggan.
It is made that is based on research from the new multi-function low price Brothers equipment
Full touch operating system for human computer interface, it has self-diagnosis function of troubles and displays the operating pattern.
High productivity: to maximize its productivity, this stitching line employs from its section collating, stitching to trimming five means of detection
This machine adopts photoelectric control and monitor protection, automatic counting and jamming stop functions.
This machine has a function of automatic feeding cover. it is an ideal equipment for books glue binding in large and medium sized printing factory.
A linear binding machine, with patented side gear technology. The machine is stable in work, easy to adjust, economic and practical
It was researched and developed on the base of Japanese and South Korea’s advanced technology. It is the best multifunctional binding machine.
Collating machine: 4 group with 12 pockets.
Fully automatic refueling without manual lubrication: controlled by the touch screen, easy to operate and convenient.
This machine is suitable for coil binding, such as paper or plastic coil binding products etc.
CHAMPION CSX220 is an automatic book sewing machine that has been developed with advanced European technology.
It is a programmable semi-automatic sewing machine. Outstanding features include: stable performance, wide sewing range, etc
This machine is applied in case making of various notebooks, photo books, photo album, folders, certificates, hardcover books.
Whole computerized digital function and malfunction display. Automatic cover gluing, position-setting and side cladding for two grey boards, center paper board
It is a kind of easy and effective equipment for pressing and creasing hard cover books at the same time.
To those medium and small factories, hardcover book is the extra course to consume time. This is the solution to avoid the extra consume time.
DCZ70 series flatbed digital cutter sample making machine make cutting, creasing, drawing available undertaking machine’s stable, high speed, high accuracy.
Carton Erecting Making Machine New generation machine to make hamburger box, french chip box and different box mode by different mold.
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