Water Based Varnish untuk Offline

  • Water Based Varnish untuk Offline

Water Based Varnish untuk Offline

GAFF W6203D5N is a varnish liquid formulation from USA that makes your product packaging shiny, attractive and professional.

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Is Waterbase Varnish that formulated from USA. It showed excellent adhesion, rub resistance and gloss on food packaging, electronic device and medical package as well.

Appearance: Milky White
Viscosity, Cps: 300-350
Solid content: 40 ± 2
Zahn Cup 15 - 30
Gloss: >60 at 60’
Chemical composition: Water Soluble Acrylate, Additive
PH 7-8
Solunility in water: Soluble

  • Meet EPA requirement
  • Good water & abrasion resistance
  • Small free and safety on operation
  • Blocking resistance
Operating TIPS
  1. Please stir before use.
  2. Please store temperature should be higher than -10°C.
  3. User shall be washed the machine and instrument after using, for dry varnish, you may clean by clean paste or thinner. Please note that it is can be wash as flexo.